Waldhotel World Cup venue

World cup in the big Arber

The first world cup running in a low mountain range, and in a land with Hochgebirge, was a world sensation. A sacrificing work of all assistants with weather relations widrigsten at first was recompensed with a "top arrangement". Beaming sunshine of the deep blue sky at temperatures of below 15 degrees and deep-snow-covered trees left about 35,000 spectators - the first ones stood at 6 o'clock in the morning in the distance and these were so many as never more in Germany - and many millions in the television sets all over the world a ski running in the "fairy tale wood" experience.

A perfect organisation team
with Ernst Schneider at the head, with a lot of diligence and love working assistants from all areas, always many eager spectators - never under 10,000 with world cup running and an optimum area in the big Arber, let these world cup runnings over and over again to a big event become for the whole Arberland.

The ski paradise for the whole family

Nature on the hotel

Experience the unique natural environment which surrounds the Waldhotel.