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Cities & Museums

Our hotel lies in approx. 4 km from the border crossing Bavarian Eisenstein away. Use the chance for a special purchase in our neighbouring place Zelezna Ruda.

The border railway station is also unique
The border to Czech Republic runs by the building, the only divided railway station of Europe. In immediate nearness the information centre border railwaystation is for nature and National park, as well as the border glassworks, where you can watch glass doers during work or under instruction you can produce your own glass ball.

Bayerisch Eisenstein
Closer information for Bayerisch Eisenstein on the web presence at Bayerisch Eisenstein

To the web presence www.bayerisch-eisenstein.de

Sauna in the hotel

In our internal Finn Sauna you will get recovery and relaxation after a long day in the region of the Bavarian forest.