Waldhotel The Arbersee

Der große Arbersee

In the eastern flank of the Arbers, on the foot of the 416-metre-high Arberseewand lies the big Arbersee. The cirque washbasin and the precipitous sea wall originated from frost and glacier movement during the last ice age and are from special geologic interest.

The big Arbersee is a starting point as well as purpose of wonderful wanderings by the marvellous woods of the nature reserve the middle Bavarian Forest. The cultivated and well developed sea round way is to be committed for young and old in summer as well as in winter without trouble and lasts about 30 minutes. To the web presence "Arbersee"Guidances in the big Arbersee Every Tuesday, 10:30 o'clock free guidance around the Arbersee meeting place:

Info board - registration at the latest 16:00 o'clock of the day before under Phone.: 0 99 22 / 80 24 80


Welcome to the big Arber


The Arbersee

Recreation area for young and old in the Bavarian Forest on the big Arber